About Derek Whittall

Derek specialised in identifying Core solutions to issues generated by cultural conditioning.

His approach was to apply the precepts of scientific understanding to the issue in question.

The precepts are the most reliable relevant information in existence.

This technique continues to offer the best-possible prospect of identifying a definitive solution.

As a meaningful contribution to Humanity before retirement, he is helping to develop a world-class all-embracing Legacy project.

About The Project

The Legacy project is designed to provide Consultancy output about resolving severe issues.

The aim is to help as many individuals and organisations as possible.

This is feasible by the innovative use of On-line potentials.

One focus is on helping third-party Causes, and their fund-raising.

Another is to directly help disadvantaged individuals and situations.

Focus will also be applied to assisting a broad range of organisations.

Overall, the aim is to make the service widely available.

Provision of the assistance is co-ordinated by The Consultancies

You can assist, and/or benefit, via the Contact form.