Exceptional Consultancy

'Derek Whittall.co.uk' is reserved in connection with a leading-edge Legacy project.

It is committed to providing assistance with resolving serious issues.

Intended to be comprehensive, the needed infrastructure is undergoing revisions.

In connection, 'Derek Whittall.co.uk' will assist with resolving UK Business-support issues.

This site will be developed to help advance areas of expertise related to this perspective.

Details of the Consultancy services that are at 'The Consultancies'.


Convention is lacking adequate solutions to many issues generated by cultural conditioning.

Specialists Consultancy is able to identify improved solutions to them.

The soundest start-points are the precepts of scientific understanding.

They are the most reliable examples of relevant information in existence.

The contributors to this unique initiative specialise in applying them to severe issues.

Derek is helping to implement these potentials.

You can express interest via the Contact form.